Meet The Band

Check out Zestrove (Long Island, NY): Since their formation in 2016, Zestrove has brought an eclectic blend of funk, soul, jazz, and rock to stages across New York. Hailing from Long Island, the five-piece band formed in an effort to perfect an exciting sound and bring it to audiences seeking a stimulating and party-oriented atmosphere. After getting their start playing local gigs, Zestrove quickly discovered their niche and moved on to perform in clubs throughout New York City. They pride themselves on delivering a unique setlist at every show, constantly striving to bring something fresh to both newcomers and fans alike. As the bands' name implies, a zesty treasure trove of sonic brilliance awaits all who venture to listen.

Zestrove released their debut EP, Shuck and Slide, in 2017, featuring music which highlights the bands' energetic and incisive style. Their live experience boasts jamming of these songs and other originals, along with distinct covers of some tunes which inspire the bands' approach. Whether you're looking to dance the night away, zone into sharp improvisation, or simply sit back and enjoy some truly awesome music, Zestrove is the band for you. Visit the 'Upcoming Shows' page to find out when you'll be able to take a trip out to the bands next show! 

Nicholas Fera: Guitar, Percussion, Vocals

Michael Fera: Drums, Percussion

Logan Whaley: Guitar, Vocals 

Andrew Pomerantz: Bass

Alex Kamm: Keys, Organ, Vocals


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